Why we made Crystal Shark Protest! NFTs?

As Crystal Shark Games, we have been discussing the future of gaming among ourselves. We believe that the blockchain system and the future of gaming are intertwined, and that by attracting better investors to this field with our ventures, we can establish a mutually beneficial partnership. We find the recent discussions on carbon footprint to be considerable, and we are therefore closely monitoring the developments with caution. In this context, we want to share our own experiences with the real indie gaming world.

Initially, the idea targeted the popular private NFT cards in the NFT world. We added the idea that such cards could have a corresponding value in real life, as they could also be considered a game element. As game studios, especially for indie teams like us, finding funding is a big problem. We believe that the idea of NFT products as a corresponding long-term investment will continue to grow. In this context, we decided to transfer our own values to an NFT card. We are sending the message that if you believe in the growth of our value, you can invest in us by buying these cards. This will be a meaningful product for your fan or supporter groups.

As a special treat, we are offering you the opportunity to receive all of our future games and all NFTs that we will release in the future for free. Additionally, we have created privileges for Protest Holders, such as immortalizing their names through game characters, credits mentions, items, or cities we will create within our projects. Our market strategy is to offer not representation but a partnership on the blockchain, so that we can walk on the same path. We have created a special website where we explain the details. If you wish, you can review the details from this link: https://crystalsharkgames.com/protest

The reason we have started the project with the slogan “Protest!” is that we realize that we cannot change established systems just by criticizing them. As imaginative game developers, we must search for new possibilities and pave our own way in order to reach the realms we have not yet discovered. That is why we want to move forward as a protest movement. We carry the desire to create an equal system instead of old hierarchical systems. We can have the chance to easily reach out to our supporters and demand resources to do the work we want. Being a real game company and releasing a game also provides a decent chance for those who wishes to evaluate us. Being open to development will become more important for reaching your audience.

With these approaches, we have put our idea into practice and we plan to see how many people think like us and whether it is a feasible business system. We want to continue sharing the details of these research studies with you in the future. If you have any suggestions, we would be happy to hear them at [email protected]. We also invite those who support us or support our idea to support this project in their own way.

the Crystal Shark Games team. ( If you want to get to know us, visit our About Us page. )


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