Vendetta: Mafia Wars Alpha

We are greatly honored and pleased to announce the release of the Alpha stage of our first game “Vendetta: Mafia Wars”. The game, in which we aspire to reflect and cherish the spirit of 1940s underground world of the American Mafia, is a real time strategy game. The game contains dynamics such as management, role play and mission system.

We would like to primarily present the game to you through demos in various exhibitions and events. We plan to launch the early access period of the game in the last quarter of 2022 by sharing more detailed posts on our Steam page. By distributing beta keys during this process, we also want to reach and get the opinions of all players including those that do not prefer to be in early access period but still want to try out the game.

In addition to single player mode, the multiplayer mode of the game will be continued to be developed with a competitive infrastructure following the early access period. We will proceed to work with a strong business partner for the multiplayer mode using Amazon’s AWS infrastructure. We will always maintain a sound and consistent infrastructure to enable you to experience fun and competition with your friends.

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